Proof of concept micromachines for cleaning water This article describes the latest advancement in nanotechnology. While it has been recognised for some time that by drawing on the mechanistic nature of some molecular interactions such as those that drive molecular motors in our bodies, this piece of work successfully demonstrates a functional nan-bot with a great purpose: cleaning carbon waste products … More Proof of concept micromachines for cleaning water


RasCal is a MATlab programme for analysing neutron reflectivity data.Read the instructions manual carefully and don’t forget to set your resolution according to the experiment. It is possible to vary many parameters in Rascal by going Edit>Edit Project and clicking into either paramteres or experimental parameters. If you feel your adjustments during data reduction were … More RasCal


I recently attended a very stimulating talk about advancements being made in both organic and bio electronics. This research has momentous implications in many fields such as prosthetics, implants and even AI. What I learned to my delight is the differnece between electronics and bioelectronics.¬† In an electrical circuit we typically have a flow of … More Bio-electronics