I’m Eilis NiEidhin and I’m here to share my learning experience as I progress throughout my PhD in the hopes that this blog will prove useful to others in the ways other blogs have proved useful to me. I’ll be posting about polymer physics and maybe throw in some tutorials for using the various software and instruments that I encounter.  To liven it up I might also include some news from the world of physics at large. For my undergraduate degree I studied theoretical physics and now I am doing a purely experimental degree in a field I had never encountered before. As an undergrad I was enamoured with particle physics and gravity so I’m sure those themes will enter this blog at some point. I also have been known as a fan of astronomy and may well post about impending astronomical events of significance. As yet I consider myself an expert in nothing, although as nothing is quite a subjective thing I ought to say not an expert in anything. For this reason feel free to comment with any corrections or if you would like to begin a  discussion. All are welcome here. Thank you for reading!


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